Saturday, February 11, 2012

What " Troika " Will Come To discus things With The US ? Weekend Thread is open !

   As we consider the situation in Greece , consider what comes down the line for Portugal , Ireland , Spain and Italy , wonder how long Japan can manage to sell their debt internally while their demographics just get worse year after year , let's consider the Us for a minute - and who will come sit down with America's leaders ? In Europe , the taskmasters have become known as the troika - comprised of the EU , ECB and IMF. We have seen their work and their intentions , if Greece provides clues as to a modus operandi. However , as the Eurozone implodes over the next few years , certainly that " Troika " won'r be available to rescue the US. Who might the new Troika be ? Well , assume the IMF will be in the mix. As the two sources of wealth presently are in the Middl e East and Asia , might one of  the two other club members consist of the oil producing nations of the GCC ? If Iran gets caught in the trap being prepared and Libya has already fallen to the coup led by " Al Qaeda " operatives and selected frontmen hand- picked by the West , the GCC certainly would be a deep pocket unscathed by revolutions engineered by interested parties. As far as Asia , might we see the Shanghai Cooperative play a major role in giving dictates to the US ? Again , if China is going to play a role in " greeking " the US , there already is a vehicle in which they ( along with Russia ) , have a controlling interest and there would be no need for China  to beg for influence ( as compared with the IMF ) .  So imagine a Troika of the IMF , GCC and Shanghais Cooperative descending to set things straight - will the sheeple wake up ? What does the US military and militarized police forces do in response ? How much time might we have to ponder this anyway ? consider the information below as a forecast for stormy weather !

The US election is a Farce played as a charade !

This Time Next US Presidential Campaign: $24.1 Trillion In Debt, 138.9% Debt/GDP

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While Obama may or may not be on the way to winning his reelection, courtesy of a GOP field that is, to say the least, limited, and where the only worthy candidate is more ostracized by the right than even anyone on the left, the bottom line is that whoever wins the presidency, it will matter precisely didley squat. As the US debt clock shows, fast forwarding 4 years, or to February 2016, when the next presidential race will be in its final stretch, America will have $24.1 trillion in debt, about $9 trillion more than it does, now on $17.4 trillion in GDP, for a gross debt to GDP ratio of 138.9% (and Apple's $1 trillion market cap will account for 150% of the Nasdaq... just as IBM is 125% of the DJIA). Needless to say, it will be long past game over at that point confirming that the current presidential race, with its exciting tangential detours into female fertility, moon bases, LBO IRR maximization courtesy of cost-cutting, is completely and utterly meaningless. Also, keep in mind, "at current rates" for an endspiel that has now entered the exponential phase in virtually every category, is to say the least, optimistic. Yes, interest rates may be negative in 2016, but that means that the liquidity trap endgame has not only begun, but is well on its way to ending, and mercifully putting an end to this whole Keynesian "sustainability" charade. Remember: Japan's debt-deflation lasted for 30 years only thanks to new pockets of incremental global leverage and inflation: China and the PIIGS. This time, absent the levering of the entire continent of Africa, there is noone who can take the releverage baton and run. Which means the only "buyers" will be the central banks. At least back in the day, Weimar just one nation. This time, it will be the "Weimar World."