Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend Open Thread...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weekly Open Thread...


Today the Economic Edge is shifting into low gear by eliminating daily posts and transitioning to weekly open threads coupled to just occasional reports. This is a stasis condition, a partial shutdown. I encourage people to continue to post and update one another on the weekly open threads, and to check by on occasion as you never know when inspiration and time will meet to produce an article or two.

My time has simply become too limited to continue contributing on a daily basis or to even monitor the blog threads properly. Thus I have decided to act now as I don’t want to see people carry away a negative impression. I recommend that you stay informed by reading the sites on my blog list, including Fred’s new blog, “Catharsis Ours.”

It’s a mixed blessing for me personally as I enjoy spreading what I consider to be the truth – there are not enough people doing so, but trust me, I am still grounded in reality and see the game for what it is. The good news is that Gateway Yachts is growing and picking up customers and investors, and thus it is now time for me to focus on developing the very best operation I can.

All my Best,