Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I'm Back...

Over a year ago I sold my latest two businesses and have been waiting for the right time to come back into the public domain.  I plan to do so in a big way, but not quite yet.

The impossible mathematics that underlie our economy are unbelievably more impossible today.  The markets are less real, and more overvalued than at any other time in history.  Future returns from valuations above 20 are statistically unlikely, and they are bordering on impossible from these levels on any type of an extended timeline.  Accounting standards have continued to relax and if GAAP accounting standards of 15 years ago were used, then P/E ratios would be through the roof.

Over the past several years many pundits have been premature in their calls for a market top.  A significant mid-term top is now near.  Today’s move higher after the FOMC likely will mark the beginning of the last wave higher before the next decline.  It will not likely be, I believe, THE decline.  There are high odds of volatility returning in both directions.  Eventual further upside will be the result not of underlying fundamental strength, but of monetary implosion.  Europe implodes first causing funds to flow to the U.S., and that has been occurring for some time now.  Japan implodes next, then the U.S. and the rest of the world, in that order, but it will still take some time to play out.

There is a war going on inside our nation and around the globe.  The two sides are Faction A which is the Globalist socialist Deep State central banking cartel, and Faction B, currently lead by the new Trump Administration representing us proud to be Americans, non-socialist, decentralized, Constitution abiding, thinking and aware faction. 

I could write much about the criminality in the CIA, the FBI, NSA, Homeland 'Security', in the Justice Department, in Congress, the Senate, the media, the judicial branch, and many others.  And I will, but not here and not just yet.

I 100% foresaw Trump’s victory and was rooting for it.  However, while he’s a truth teller who is right 90% of the time, it is the 10% revolving around the root of our problems (central criminal banking performed outside a proper rule-of-law) that will doom the remaining 90%.  Thus I do not expect significant resolutions to any major problems.  I expect a war cycle that was going to happen regardless of who took the White House.  

I also expect the markets to be intentionally taken down (by the criminal cartel) as a part of the ongoing war in an attempt to control faction B (it will be unsuccessful).  I think more and more "Truth Bombs" will explode in public as the truth will be used in defense during what I believe are the early stages of this war.  These truth bombs are going to expose further the deep state, and will expose technological and other secrets that have been withheld from the public.

Right now I’m working on a new holistic book called “Definitive Freedom.”  This is a huge project that is going to take a while.  This book is meant to be holistic, spanning many subject areas in which our Dreams have been corrupted and our thoughts polluted.  This book will not just point out root issues, which it does; but it will concentrate on reality, what is a true and proper rule-of-law, and how to build a more proper rule-of-law as the current very flawed system unravels.

As I work on Definitive Freedom I will occasionally post non-time-consuming items of interest here.  I am also working on a new, much larger, website and will update you on that as it becomes ready. 

In the meantime feel free to contact me if you like, as I get time I may answer a few pertinent questions here, but will be focused on progressing the book and the new website before making regular posts.

Hope everyone is well,

Nathan Martin