Friday, March 17, 2017

Security Versus Freedom: Deep State War With Trump

There is a war raging behind the scenes that is leaking out into the public domain. Our Deep State has grown into an abomination of people who do not realize that their actions are hurting our nation far more than the "help" they think they provide. 

Here's a clue for anyone confused on right or wrong:

When one pursues security, they will wind up with neither freedom nor security. But when one pursues freedom, then security will follow at very little cost. 

Freedom and security are directly tied to one another and cannot be separated. If you go overboard in your pursuit of security in any aspect of life, then you will ultimately surrender your freedom.

When embraced as a guiding principle, this understanding will strip bare all important decisions in life, be it in your personal life, your relationships with others, in your work, and in all aspects of government and politics. Super important, and you can better believe we’re going there.

It is my belief that the CIA, NSA, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and by extension Congress (since they approve it), are completely out-of-control. Combined they are too large by about 90%! That's right, 90%. Our nation and the world would be much better off if they did not exist at all versus existing in their present condition. What a waste.

But you have to understand that the Deep State exists as a TOOL of the global elite. They create money from nothing and have used that money from nothing to indebt and enslave the entire globe. They make money from nothing and use that money to elect puppet politicians and puppet judges. Thus they have circumvented all the checks and balances of the Constitution. There are no longer three branches, there is only one, and it is NOT controlled by the will of the people.

The Constitution states that CONGRESS, your representatives, shall "Coin money and regulate the value thereof." But by a known and open conspiracy Congress turned over their obligation to PRIVATE individuals in the year 1913 with passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

This was a history supernova. That act is ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It corrupted all laws that were created since that time.

What followed was the IRS Act the very next year. They blew a bubble that became the "roaring 1920's," that led to the crash of 1929. Then came the bond market crash (debt), then came WWII. The central banks used WWII to foist the Bretton Woods Accord on the people of the planet with only a sham of due process. Out spilled the illegally create United Nations, the "World Bank," (they are still laughing over this), the IMF, the BIS, all of which are improperly not monitored or authorized by anyone but themselves.

It's a sick and sad state of affairs, I'll be bringing you much more on all this in my upcoming book, "Definitive Freedom."

In the mean time, here's my friend, Bill Still, with some video that explains where we are with the Deep State and President Trump: