Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Blockchain and Us

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are the future. The following video production hits on some of the importance, but skirts around the most important aspect of this technology. That is that it is democratizing.

It has the potential to remove the WHO that is currently behind debt as "money."  It is the WHO that is behind money that manipulates and controls the world.

Those private individuals wrongly given the authority to produce our money from nothing use that money to get THEIR politicians elected, to make THEIR own fake rule-of-law, to get THEIR judges appointed who back all of the above. And thus this highly inappropriate ability has corrupted all three branches of government and is THE ROOT CAUSE of nearly everything that we consider to be wrong with the world!

Freely competing Blockchain cryptocurrency that is not controlled by private banks or by governments is the great equalizer. This is one of the most profound changes in history, but we must be careful to keep competition in this space because it can and will be abused. Imagine starting your own cryptocurrency and depositing massive amounts into your own accounts… or creating cryptocurrency and ‘lending’ it out to others at interest… this is the danger that would make it the same as today’s very flawed system.

But the good news is that if a currency is found to be corrupted, then we can simply create a different system, again out of reach of those working to control us, rob our productive efforts, and who spy on us, create wars, etc.

What I’m saying is that this technology raises humanity’s consciousness and has the ability, if used wisely, to remove the power base from those who commit evil upon our planet. Seriously, it’s that important. I will talk about the right ways to do this moving forward and in my upcoming book.