Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Comey Firing, Russia, and the Deep State...

In this article I am going to discuss my personal opinions and experiences - this is an opinion piece, one that I believe to be grounded in reality, you are free to believe whatever you like as long as your beliefs do not pave my road to hell with your "good intentions."

The Trump/Russia narrative is a complete fabrication of the Deep State.  Who is the Deep State?  They are the puppets of the oligarchs who were incorrectly and illegally given the power to create money from nothing.  That power is rooted in the illegal Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Why is it illegal?  Because the Constitution properly says in Article 1, Section 8; "The Congress shall have Power To... Coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures."

There is no place in the Constitution that allows or makes it legal for Congress or the Executive Branch to give or to delegate that power to private individuals.  This is THE MOST IMPORTANT CHECK AND BALANCE IN THE CONSTITUTION.  Failing to protect it compromised ALL OTHER PROTECTIONS.

This is THE ROOT of our corruption.  Private individuals once given the ability to print money from nothing use that power to buy up our industry, our property, to get laws produced that benefit them and disadvantage the majority.  They use that "money" to get their puppet politicians and judges elected, thus capturing all three branches of the People's government.

Can anyone really still wonder why the world is seeing the largest wealth disparity in history?

*Note about this video - While an excellent presentation of reality, their representation of Socialism is NOT CORRECT.  Socialism would result in even distribution (except by the ruling elite), but the total wealth would be only a FRACTION of the wealth today.

Not only is the government captured, but all our markets are captured as well.  Our economic data has been captured and is false.

Our MASSIVE intelligence agencies work for the oligarchs.  They do not work on behalf of the people.  This is the Deep State.  They are not elected, they are appointed by our government puppets.  The intelligence agencies are only effective at creating narratives - that is all they do, 100% of their effort is narrative creation.  We, The People, only need about 10% of this mass to ensure our defense, and thus the firing of James Comey is not only overdue, but it is just the very tip of what needs to be accomplished.  Yes, "Homeland Security" should be dismantled entirely, the FBI, NSA, CIA and the dozens of other hidden agencies should all be consolidated into something that is 10% of its current size.

It's important to remember the context of WWI and WWII.  The oligarchs created WWI on the heals of the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the IRS and the notion that our country must permanently collect taxes, and that we must finance budget deficits through the use of Treasury Bonds and Notes - thus having private bankers issue money as a debt to skim interest off the productive efforts of the people.

They then used WWII to foist the U.N., and the Bretton Woods Accord on the globe that created the IMF, the World Bank, and the B.I.S..  This set up the unbelievable system whereby they create "money" from nothing and lend it to countries to "stabilize" them.  Their charters required repayment in gold, making the IMF the world's third largest holder of gold.  No citizen on the entire globe got to vote for this system, it was simply foisted upon us as a "solution" to end the war that they created.

Tested, tried, and true, this formula is repeated over and over, changing the WHO it is that produces our money never changes.

The Deep State creates false narratives and false flag events in order to justify military action and regime change against any country that is not participating in their debt as money scam.  Just look at recent conflicts - Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and now North Korea.  Our "beef" is always with countries that don't participate in the oligarchs charade.  And that brings us to China and Russia, neither of who are willing participants.

Turning to the Russians, they are not playing along with the IMF or World Bank, and thus the Deep State (tools of the oligarchs) is trying to make them into an enemy.  They are not our enemy, and in reality never have been.

Going all the way back to the American Revolution - our fight with the British for independence - it was the Russians who stepped in to diplomatically support our independence from the British empire.  Look it up.  We were isolated, they were our nearly lone allies.

Then in both WWI and WWII the Russians were again our allies, fighting and dying alongside the United States.  Socialists and communists they are, but they were not our enemy until the Deep State began a totally false "Cold War" against them in order to prevent their expansion following WWII so that the oligarchs wouldn't loose the global territory they gained with the ridiculous Bretton Woods Accord.

The Deep State narrative during the Cold War was that the Soviet Union was world power number 2, their awesome military was to be feared and must be stopped.  This narrative justified the spending of trillions to support the oligarch owned military industrial complex.  This spending became the debt of the American people who now continue to pay interest in the form of taxes to these evil private individuals.

I was in the U.S. Air Force and was one of the first to fly into the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War.  The Deep State narrative was instantly laid bare by the reality that I encountered there.  The following passage written about that experience is from my new book "Definitive Freedom:"

Adventure into the Soviet Union at the Height of the Cold War

In 1987 the United States and what was then the Soviet Union entered into the INF Treaty (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty).  A part of this treaty was the mutual inspection of one another’s medium range nuclear arsenal.

I was called to pilot a C-141 into the Soviet Union carrying American INF Treaty nuclear weapons inspectors.  When we landed the inspectors were to give the Russians a slip of paper with a destination written on it.  The Russians then had just 45 minutes to then take off with the inspectors to whatever destination was written on that paper in order to carry out the inspection of Russia’s nukes.

We launched our INF missions from Yokota AB, Japan, flew across the Sea of Japan, across the entirety of Siberia north of Mongolia, down the length of Lake Baikal, the world’s largest fresh water lake, and landed at Ulan Ude in far western Siberia.  We were among the first American military to set foot in that region in decades.

Once the treaty inspectors were safely underway we received the grand tour of Ulan Ude from the city’s mayor.  People we met in town could not believe we were American military, thinking we were pulling one over on them, they would state, “No, no, you must be eastern European!”

I flew this mission four times total.  During each trip we would spend the night and fly out the next day.  For hours I flew over the vastness of Siberia where natural resources are still unlimited and where wildfires raged yet no one cared as there was no one for thousands of miles.
View from C-141 over Siberia, 1987.

View of southern Lake Baikal on descent into Ulan Ude, 1987
Me (second from left) and my flightcrew in Ulan Ude, 1987

What I saw in the Soviet Union was not the fearsome enemy our own propaganda described.  Instead what I saw was a sorry and dilapidated military.  In town, everywhere I went I saw drunkards in the bushes drinking their vodka.  Inside every shop, every agency, everywhere… ‘workers’ did not bother to stand or ask if they could help you.

Open Market Ulan Ude 1987.
Telephone Booth, 1987 Russia.

There was NO work ethic whatsoever.  This was in your face, startling different from the rest of the world.  Even third-world non-socialist countries have self-interested eager people looking to better their way of life.

Not here.

There were beautifully built parks along the river with many streetlamps, yet only a few actually worked as no one bothered to change the bulbs or to fix broken glass.  In the open markets where flies covered open meats, you had a choice of shoes, coats, pants, hat, baby carriages, etcetera… your choice was black, brown, or black.  In fact it’s hard to remember much color, today my memory of this experience is unusually black and white.  No electronics, toys still made of pot metal, no plastics.
Open Market Ulan Ude, 1987.
Everyone had healthcare… horrid healthcare – teeth pulled or made to be solid gold with no aesthetic applied to the work at all.  Yet ‘healthcare’ they all had, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”
Russian Man, Ulan Ude, 1987.  When he smiled,
he revealed a solid gold arch of teeth.

It was literally a time warp, like walking into 1930.  That’s what socialism and communism brought to the people of the Soviet Union.  Yes, they had nuclear weapons, but their best electronics were driven by tubes.  Their forces were absolutely no match to the West’s.  Their socialist rule-of-law was broken, and still is, but today they are trying to embrace parts of a western economy (which I won’t call capitalism, because it’s not).
Russian boys and their bicycle.
All Toys were pot metal.

As a sidebar, many people in the west still holdover the cold war mentality that Russia is our enemy to be feared.  But the truth is that we should not forget that they were our allies during both WWI and WWII, and that it was the Russians who provided much needed support for America as we fought our war of Independence against Great Britain (look this up if you are not aware).  Because most people in the west are not experienced with Russia it is easy for fake narrative creators like certain politicians and the CIA to manipulate our minds into fearing that unknown.  Fool me one, shame on you.  Personally, I won’t be fooled again.

Today many still vilify Russia while those same people forget that it was the Germans and the Japanese who were NOT on America’s side, and thus on the side of a free and proper rule-of-law during both world wars.  Later, we’ll talk about their level of aggression and how an improper rule-of-law led to impossible math in both those conflicts!

In my travels I have been in many socialist, communist, and (mostly corrupted) capitalistic societies.  I tell every young person who will listen my experience of how socialism destroys the work ethic and thus jeopardizes the progress of such a society.  But it’s worse than that, it’s actually a very evil ideology.  It may be born of good intentions, but history has shown that those false ideologies are the perfect pavement of the road that leads to hell.  Many millions of lives lost, millions more impoverished, a dreadful setback to humanity.  One that if it were to be applied worldwide would jeopardize, I believe, our species odds of long-term survival.

This is why I dread seeing so much creeping socialism today.  It’s rampant in Europe, and even in America we have politicians who are openly socialists.  Have we not already learned that lesson?  Repeatedly?  Centralized anything decreases competition, decreases innovation, and stifles progression, and those are the good parts!

If you have not experienced the effects of socialism first-hand, then I would encourage you to research the effects throughout history.  Yes, no system today is perfect, but some are much less perfect than others.  Your understanding of what hasn’t worked will help lead us, and future generations, into establishing a proper societal rule-of-law.

* All photos were taken in 1987 with 35mm film.  Note the stark contrast of 1987 Russia reality versus the Deep State narrative at the time.