Monday, May 8, 2017

Redefining "Fascism"

Large tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and many others have to side with the false globalist central banker created and sponsored narratives, otherwise they would never receive the funding required to make them behemoths in the first place.  Once a company, person, or nation accepts such funding, they are captive and must play the game.  The game has become super ugly and very obvious to anyone paying attention to the censoring by these companies and the control exerted by de-sponsoring/de-funding any voice that is counter to the globalist narrative (I believe this is illegal and should be challenged, but the outcome of any such challenge itself will probably not be legal as judges have been captured as well).  Just pay attention now as you view videos on YouTube, you will see commercials at the beginning of anything that says "Macron Wins," but you will see nothing on any coverage of the election that does not paint the globalist candidate in a positive light or certainly anything that supports Le Pen.

Just look at the outcome of the election of France where a central banker who hides money in the Cayman Islands is not called out by the mainstream on his unethical and illegal transgressions, but the regime and media actively suppress and instead make illegal decimation of his illegal acts.  That's called capture, and he is called a puppet.  The people of France were spun that Macron represented freedom, but the reality is quite the opposite as they will discover over the coming years.

Gifts of socialists always result in the surrendering of your productivity and of your freedom.  Remember, pursue freedom and security follows at very little cost, but pursue security and you will wind up with neither.

Here is yet another way the cartel is controlling the narrative and the thinking of the global population:

Note how Bill Still, a truth teller, has resorted to selling and creating his own ads.  Many people who get their word out on YouTube are also resorting to donations, usually via sites like Patreon.  I support people who do so, and hope that you will too.