Thursday, May 11, 2017

What is Socialism?

To understand socialism, we must first understand a key fundamental and indisputable principal -  freedom and security are inextricably interconnected and cannot be separated.

When one pursues security, they wind up with neither freedom nor security.  But when one pursues freedom, security follows at very little cost.

Socialism is the pursuit of security and the abandonment of freedom.  When you pursue security you will wind up with neither security nor freedom!

The notion of entitlement is bankrupt and will forever be so.  This is because one person’s entitlement is always someone else’s burden – the sole exception is your right to exist, be blissful, and to attempt to influence the future.

The burden of entitlement is why socialism, in any of its evil forms, has always eventually failed.  It is against human nature and is an improper rule-of-law to take from those who are productive and then give it to those who are not.  It destroys the incentive to produce, so that no one eventually does.

This is not open to debate, the failure of socialism is well documented.  I have witnessed it with my own eyes and have shared just one of my many experiences with you here - Adventure into the Soviet Union at the Height of the Cold War.  That section begins about half way through the article, so please scroll down to it on that page.

Like the road to hell, most socialists and social structures were founded on good intentions.  But the result is evil and is responsible for destroying millions of lives, countless opportunities, and for slowing the progression of humanity.

Socialism is also a hidden form of dictatorship or monarchy - they are all about power and control by an extremely narrow segment of the population.  And isn't that exactly what is happening with the consolidation of wealth in the current system in the United States, in Europe, and wherever a central bank, IMF, or World Bank banker might be found?  

Yes, creeping socialism hidden under the Trojan Horse ideology of "Globalism" is nothing but a ruse to consolidate power by a few.  Those few use our "good intentions" to manipulate us to support them, to even willingly surrender our freedom. 

"We will make you secure," they say.  "Allow us to spy on the world."  

They slip their false narratives past us as if we we're already in agreement - take the notion that it's okay for us to spy on foreign diplomats... this sick narrative is repeated over and over by "news" actors in the mainstream media, a favorite tool of the oligarchs, the dissemination branch of the Deep State.

This is quite perverse and sick in many ways - and is the very reason I am writing "Definitive Freedom."

Someday in the very distant future the world will be ready to drop borders, but it will not be appropriate until and unless it is built upon a proper rule-of-law.

The production of money is the tool through which power and control are exercised.  This is where the "Golden Rule" saying comes from - "Those who have the gold make the rules."

It's not about gold, per se, it is about power and control.  That is why what's most important is not what money is, or what money is made of, but what's most important is WHO is in control of its production and WHO it is that regulates the value thereof by regulating the quantity.

A proper money system is one where money is spent into existence by our government, not lent into existence by private individuals who skim interest off productive people.  It is a completely ludicrous notion that our nation borrow money, and that we have put private individuals in charge of creating money and of regulating the quantity.  This action has removed the people, us, from control of our government and from many other aspects of our lives.