Thursday, June 29, 2017

Stress Test Charades!

Excuse me, but I can’t stop laughing at the latest round of central banker charades!

Central banker charades, of course, were created in the year 1913, but they have been improving, and improving the game ever since.  So much so, that today’s central banker charades are the funniest version yet – I don’t see how anyone can stop laughing!

Here are a couple of Janet Yellen quotes from her game of charades:
"I want to be completely clear that I strongly oppose ‘Audit the Fed.’"
And my favorite for a hysterical laugh:
 "I Don't Believe We Will See Another Crisis In Our Lifetime."
Pick me up off the floor, my stomach hurts!  Of course her puppet masters already have the next crisis in motion.  LOL, this is fun!

Stress Test Charades were created circa 2009 following the initial panic stage created by the central banks themselves.  People in general were losing confidence in the con, so the charade leaders decided to prove that they were not insolvent, that they had real assets!

Of course they have assets!  We all know that they own computers and with only a little bit of electricity combined with only half a wit, they are able to generate assets at will!  Just look at their own balance sheet charade!  Nearly $5 trillion worth of charades that was used to provide “assets” to the banks at no interest so that they could speculate/derivatize/manipulate every former “free market” on the planet!

Of course this charade was so popular in the United States that central bankers around the globe now love to play Stress Test Charades too!

This came after “Indebt Poor Nations Charades” – a very fun and entertaining game where central bankers power up their computers to create unlimited quantities of “money” from nothing, and “lend” it to poor countries who then tax the productive efforts of the poorest of the poor, convert said taxes into gold, and repay said charade “loans” with the gold as spelled out in the central banker charade rule book!  What fun!

This all brings me to my newest personal favorite game – Self Finances Stress Test Charades!

Wait… I’m giving my own finances the self stress test…

No really... carry the one, add in accounts receivables, subtract accounts payable, turn on money printing computer, change the rules to the game...

YES!!  I PASS!  Congratulations to me!  Anyone want to buy stock in Economic Edge Blog, Inc.?