Monday, May 15, 2017

NSA Ransomware - Stupid is as Stupid Does...

The latest episode of Deep State stupidity is shining bright.  It's a perfect example of how the pursuit of security actually makes you less secure!

The NSA's spyware is now holding hundreds of thousands of computers the world over hostage.  The captured media at first didn't cover this - instead they continue to pursue Julian Assange, who warned us, and they use "The Russians are coming" fake narrative to cripple the Executive Branch because he is the one the people elected to drain the swamp.  The people want the Deep State drained!

The attacks of 911 were used as an excuse to create new "security" laws that deprive people of their freedoms; it was used to massively increase the size and depth of the Deep State, including the creation of "Homeland Security;" it was used to invade countries that didn't play along with our Oligarch's central banking scam; it was used to justify spying on the world, including our own people; and it was used to turn Americans into the greatest debtors the world has ever seen.

Does that make us more secure?  I think not.  I think quite the opposite.

In fact, bankrupting one's self in the name of security is plain old stupid.  So is spying on foreign diplomats and then not expecting that to be the standard of the world.

Now we have spyware that was created by the NSA wreaking havoc all over the globe.  Imagine - we spent trillions to spy on the world and now our own spy tools, that we paid for, are being turned against us.  Our own agencies work tirelessly to find vulnerabilities to exploit.  Instead of reporting and fixing the weaknesses, our Deep State losses control which is exactly the karma we should expect.

Freedom and security are inseparable.  Pursue freedom and you will have security at very little cost.  Pursue security and you will have neither!

Americans and the world need to wake up to how we're being manipulated.  Here's the chain of events:

- The primary check and balance of the Constitution was usurped by central bankers who bought off Congress and got the illegal Federal Reserve Act passed in the year 1913.

- The central bankers, our Oligarch masters, then created money from nothing and used it to buy for themselves all three branches of our government.  They also created wars and used the "solutions" to those wars to create global control mechanisms in the U.N., IMF, World Bank, and BIS.  They skim productivity and assets from the entire world in this fashion.  All politicians and judges work for them, they cannot get elected without their "money."

- The Oligarchs own the military industrial complex, the Deep State agencies, the media, pharma, giant "food" companies, our universities, everything... and use them to control us.

In the old days when they weren't getting their way, they would simply crash the markets until they got what they wanted.

Today they simply use the tools at their disposal to spin narratives to cover their covert manipulations.

Total capture.

As the world wakes up and realizes how their freedom has been captured, then it will once again be up to the people to claim the freedom that has been lost.  That day is approaching faster than anyone imagines.

The very same Oligarchs who run the world now will use the coming upheaval to simply create another system of control with them in charge.  For humanity's sake, we must not allow that to happen again.  We must install a proper rule-of-law, one that promotes freedom knowing that true security always follows freedom.

Our pursuit of security is costing us dear.  Nothing, however, will be fixed until we reclaim our Constitutional duty to have our representatives "coin money and regulate the value thereof."  That is the root of our sovereignty, and the key to our freedom that we ceded in the year 1913.