Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Magnetic Line

One trend is now very clear.  As the world spins, money from the U.S. flows into Bitcoin, and as we go home for dinner and sleep the Asians are waking up to cast their money back at the rotation away from Bitcoin and into “the smalls.”  I think this crypto rotation may be ending soon, however, as Bitcoin’s mathematical dominance will once again prevail as the place to be for storage of value due to its very limited supply.

Another clearly established trend, the most powerful of all, is the production and resultant destruction of the Dollar.  Currently rising interest rates and the new tax overhaul that favors large corporations, is sucking huge sums of dollars back into the United States.  This repatriation of dollars is simply vacuuming them up to then be distributed to all the “asset” bubbles where eventually they will be destroyed. 

Stocks:  The most overvalued in history – period.  Mathematically impossible.  False accounting, fake statistics, hyper-controlled unidirectional melt-up on the back of the flood of money.  This current flood began as a result of QE and the last crisis.  The last crisis was like the water running away from the beach, now we’re getting the resultant tsunami of dollars returning to the beach.  The flood is epic in proportions, but one day soon that water will again recede.  The crest of the wave may be higher still as we are creating an epic melt up fueled by trillions of dollars that are worth less and less.  If I were Trump, I certainly would not be taking ownership of that bubble, it will be his Achilles Heel.

Bonds:  Mathematically super impossible!  Historic bubble that must be propped up.  This propping up is the end for the value of the dollar.  It’s such a joke, there is no way to ever repay; yet the numbers must grow or the economy implodes.  Higher rates will be temporary, once the dollars overseas are fully repatriated, the flow of water will reverse again.

Gold: Gold will receive a very large quantity of worth less dollars.  Gold is just beginning wave 3 higher, it is a screaming buy at this time, a benefactor of the true bubble that is the dollar.

Dollar:  The one true bubble.  It is the giver to the “everything bubble.”  Dollars that don’t go into gold, silver, Bitcoin or altcoins will eventually be destroyed.  Half or more of the dollars in real estate will likewise again be destroyed or made to be simply worthless.  You will have lots of dollars, but it will take many of them just to buy a cup of Joe.

The Dollar is the root problem, it is where the rule of law first broke down.  It started with the illegal and Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act in 1913.  Human nature will simply not allow a very tiny group of private individuals to take all their productive efforts, have all the wealth, and be able to control everyone on the planet.  

The change for this is in progress, your promotion of cryptos and decentralization fuels this most important change for humanity and will raise everyone’s consciousness, everyone’s perception of reality will get clearer as the elite’s continuous chain of false narratives get washed away.  Gee, did you know that defectors from North Korea had anthrax antibodies in their system?  LOL, didn’t fool me the first time, the second time, and certainly not this time.  The clown narratives are soon going to be ending – but those who hold the power and control will only go down kicking and screaming – that’s how change happens, one step back.  But then the big step forward for humanity is already in progress and cannot be stopped.

CRYPTOS:  Bitcoin keeps attempting to run higher, but then runs into resistance just as the Asians get up and the Americans go to bed.  I do think this trend will continue, it is a part of the shift of power from the US to Asia.  Dollars flow into Bitcoin from the US, and then we, as in those who use exchanges like Binance, take those US origin dollars, send them to Hong Kong, and then buy alt coins with them.  This is becoming a HUGE flow of money, it is people who hold dollars fleeing to a place where their dollars are treated fairly, freely, a place where they have options and the markets are REAL, not controlled.

Bitcoin tried to break higher yesterday evening, but failed and pulled back early this morning to end what I think was wave 4.  I believe wave 5 of 1 is in progress now, but may not make more progress until tomorrow at this point.  The heavy MAGNETIC uptrend line I’ve been showing is attracting Bitcoin prices back to it – if they get above, they fall.  If below, they rise.  I believe this will continue for a while, and again I show my bitcoin chart below annotated with my best guess as to wave mapping:

Overall I expect that by the end of this month Bitcoin will have followed that line in a zig-zag manner to reach and be equal to the old primary high just at $20k.

But here’s what’s amazing and will tie this whole dollar bubble, flow of money into cryptos together.  We all know there are now a ton of different cryptos to choose from.  Are they diluting Bitcoin’s value?  You bet!  But does that mean the rise in Bitcoin’s price will be less steep?  Don’t think so!  Remember, Bitcoin is the most limited in supply, it will be the store of value!  But here’s how its role as a percentage of the market has changed, clearly evident by the fall in percent share of the market in market cap:

Market cap

In 2013 Bitcoin was 93% of the market.  Today it is “only” 35%!

But that 35% is of a much bigger pie!  Below is the chart showing the unstoppable flow of money into cryptos:

Note how total crypto market cap has EXPLODED higher, now totaling $768 Billion!

But guess what?  That was only the innovator wave.  The early adopter wave is now coming on in full force, and I think will rise this number nearly tenfold this year alone.  That means that the Market cap of all cryptos will very soon be measured in the trillions (of worth less and less dollars).

See how that works?  The central banks around the world print unlimited supplies of fake and worthless debt money, that money then flows into the market cap of the new monies.  As this occurs, the central banks will lose more and more of their power and control, appropriately so! 

So what that market cap chart really shows, is how much power and control has shifted to the people.  Make sure you own them before the central banks do!

No they cannot print money to just buy them all up!  I’ll explain why not in what was my upcoming article, but is now looking more like a white paper!